How to create a support ticket (Operation start at 17:00 on 7/15/2022)

This article explains how customers with Corda software licenses or other SBI R3 Japan contracts can create support tickets using Jira Service Management.


①Select the appropriate type from the menu in the center of the screen.



     ・・・Task (CE Licensing Support > Technical Questions)


     ・・・Incident (CE Licensing Support > Incident)


     ・・・Professional Services (for customers who have signed a PS contract)



●タスク(技術質問)・・・Task (technical questions)



●シビアリティ4・・・Severity 4

Minimal Impact. A noticeable situation, caused by an Incident, in which use of the CorDapp is affected in some cosmetic or ergonomic way and has minimal impact causing no significant impact on business operations, or an issue which is reasonably correctable by a Documentation change or by a future, regular release from R3.

●シビアリティ3・・・Severity 3

Moderate impact. The CorDapp is impaired caused by an Incident, but still maintains its key functionalities. The component impacted is not critical to the CorDapp,thereby causing little or no significant having limited impact on business operations.

●シビアリティ2・・・Severity 2

Significant Impact. A detrimental situation caused by an Incident in which the CorDapp performance degrades substantially under reasonable loads; or key functionalities of the CorDapp are not accessible without manual workarounds, thereby causing a significant impact on business operations. Severity 2 applies strictly to a production environment.

●シビアリティ1・・・Severity 1

Task (technical questions)Critical Impact. An emergency situation caused by an Incident which critically impairs customer’s business until it is rectified or a workaround is in place. Such Incidents are typically characterized by the loss of entire CorDapp systems, infrastructure components or data sets and will cause material financial, reputational, compliance, or customer service impact (or significant increase in risk of impact) if not resolved quickly. Severity 1 applies strictly to a production environment.




●プロフェッショナルサービス・・・Professional services


②Please fill in each field and submit the form.
    If you want to share the ticket with your team members,
    please select your team in the "Share with" field.
    Please select your team in the "Share with" field.


●チケット名・・・Ticket Title



●添付ファイル・・Attached file

●共有先・・・Share information


③You can view past tickets created by you and your team members
   by clicking on the Request button in the upper right corner of the top page.



●自分が作成者・・・Tickets created by you 

●すべて・・・All tickets


④You can open a ticket to set up the receipt of notification e-mails
   and add a recipient to share the ticket with.


●通知を受け取る・・・Receive notifications

●通知を受け取らない・・・Not receive notifications

●共有先・・・Share information



Last edit : 2022/07/4

Created by Yoshino